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Hoang Minh Water JSC was established in 2008, our vision is the pioneer in strong development of “High quality drinking water” as well as to build the Company as the leading one in the field of production and business of drinking water and beverage in Vietnam.

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For Products: Even qualities, Preeminent features, Appropriate prices
For Customer: Deference, Dedicated service.
For Partners: Prestige and mutual development.
For Employees: Friendly, Acitive.
For Society and Enviroment: Compliance with the law.
For Shareholders: Taking responsibilities for making profit.
5 outstanding benefits of i-on Life
10 reasons to drink i-on Life every day
I-on Life warter product

i-on Life 330ml

i-on Life 450ml

i-on Life 1.25 liter

i-on Life 4.5 liter

i-on Life 19l with sink

i-on Life 19l

Water Heater and Cooler NDX1000

Alkaline water ionizer

In Vietnam, Hoang Minh Water JSC is a strategic partner of OSG Group in distributing products of the group in Vietnam. The series of alkaline ionized water filters is not only used at home but also used for hotels, restaurants and industrial production of bottled drinking water.

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